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In China Jinhai company high-rise structure twenty-third

On 27 July 2016, by Tongji University, China Engineering Construction Standardization Association high-rise building professional committee, China Society of civil engineering of bridge and structural engineering branch of Towering Structure Committee sponsored, "building structure" magazine hosted the "China's towering structure the 23rd session of academic exchanges" held in Dali, Yunnan Province. The meeting attracted more than 120 experts from the domestic research, design, production and teaching and other aspects of the high structure. Meeting representatives on the domestic high-rise structures in recent years in terms of research, design, construction, testing and maintenance of the new achievements, new technologies are introduced, exchange and discussion.

Conference site

Tongji University Professor, China Engineering Construction Standardization Association high rising building materials professional committee chairman, China Civil Engineering Society of bridge and structural engineering branch of towering structure of professional committee chairman, Tongji, gold wind power structure research and development center director, Ma renle1 Professor, first welcome speech and summarizes the nearly two years to the towering structure design code revision.

Professor Ma Renle's opening speech

Our company chief engineer assistant Zhang Mingyi Dr. and backbone of R & D Ma Yihu researcher on behalf of Jinhai Corp. and Tongji, gold wind power structure research and development center by the invited participants, and at the meeting of the results of research and development in the field of wind power to report the.

Application of Zhang Mingyi Dr. of our wind power field focus on R & D project, precast concrete cylindrical unit ring (PPC) of high precision template in wind power based design were illustrated to explain, the subject of research and development for accelerating the process of precast prestressed cylindrical based and hybrid tower in the field of fan support structure of industrialization development and application has long-term significance.

Dr. Zhang Mingyi's speech

Researcher Ma Yihu for my company's key achievements in research and development, wind power tower rock foundation prestressed self-locking bolt head are introduced and shows in detail the Tongji University multifunctional vibration experiment center of 10 million times fatigue test results. The application of anchor bolt has improved the mechanical properties of the rock bolt foundation, and the safety and reliability of the technology have been verified by the ultimate load and the fatigue load test.

Ma Yihu researcher speak

Questions to participate in the exchange of links

The meeting industry experts to demonstrate the Jinhai company as a home to provide more safety, economy and the wind power supporting structure system design for the purpose of the development of high and new technology enterprise drop, continued emphasis on technological innovation. Adhering to the "for customers save more resources to create greater value" development philosophy, committed to provide support for the world new energy industry development and environmental protection, Jinhai shares in the future will pay the increase of wind power bearing structure of R & D investment, pay attention to the introduction of high-end talent, and constantly improve the company's technology and core competitiveness, for customers to provide better products and more intimate service, for the earth create more clean energy.




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