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In September 13, 2016, Inner Mongolia new energy Polytron Technologies Inc, Party branch and trade union organizations of all Party members and the staff of the company for the Jiangsu Jinhai quality department staff when silver fly love donation activities.

We have such a colleague - Jiangsu quality department Hou silver fly! Our good friend and colleague, he should have worked with us in the workplace, but now face the pain of torture. The company leadership organization to visit immediately that when silver fly prevalence, and sent to the employees of the company donation proposal for the first time, calling the company staff to hand out love, out of love donations, as the silver fly gave a love, give him more courage and determination to help him.

The spirit of selfless dedication, willing to actively participate in the principle of Party members and cadres, give full play to the exemplary role of all employees of the company are eager to participate in this event, a proposal for a short time donated money 22230 yuan from the Party branch and the trade unions, including Jiangsu Jinhai Union resolution condolences to Kim out of 5000 yuan from Union funds. After the end of the trade union chairman Shi Hui and the leadership of the Party branch the first time the donation to fly when the silver hand, expressed concern on the fly when silver, want him to recuperate at ease, to overcome the disease as soon as possible; the company will make every effort to help them.

It flows into the vast sea trickle, drip love can be gathered into a torrent of love. Party members and cadres to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Communist Party members, the general staff of the active dedication of love, lend a helping hand, as far as possible, to actively contribute. Love gathering warm, love to help anti disease, we would like to pay drip converging to the rainbow of love, let life dull renewed brilliant life.

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