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Warmly congratulate our company's new product to obtain the national invention patent certificate

Our new product can be replaced by prestressed anchor bolt assembly of the State Intellectual Property Office awarded invention patents, patent name: replaceable prestressed anchor bolt assembly and installation and replacement construction method, patent No.: ZL 201510515415.7.
Our company gold wind power research center of Tongji architecture since 2012 developed the prestressed anchor bolt foundation, prestressed anchor bolt foundation design foundation form in the wind power generation tower in recent years in is gradually replacing buried bucket foundation form and develop very rapidly the traditional, but the main component of the basic form of the prestressed anchor bolt for once the installation is not standardized breakage causes can not be replaced, become the technical bottleneck of prestressed anchor bolt assembly based on the promotion and use of. In 2015 the company for the product technical research, through the adjustment of structural design and processing technology, to further optimize product performance. Technical team to overcome the difficulties in the development process, to overcome a series of technical problems, the successful development of the replacement of prestressed anchor bolt assembly technology and applied for national invention and utility model patents. 2016, the patented products shipped more than 200 units, is expected in 2017 shipments will exceed 500 units. This patent does not affect the operation of the wind turbine, can be removed and replaced without damaging the bolt fracture based on the premise, is the effective practice of the company to promote technological innovation and technological innovation, to enhance the technical level of prestressed anchor bolt assemblies products, effectively improve the safety performance of the fan base, to fill the gaps the related technology at home and abroad, and has very high application value in engineering.
Up to now, the company has 48 valid patents, including invention patents of 6. In recent years, the company focus on increasing investment in research efforts, and actively carry out technical innovation, only in 2016, the company actively organize 22 patents, including 7 invention patents, the State Intellectual Property Office authorized 5 patents, 7 utility model patents. The licensing of these patents will help to further improve the company's intellectual property protection system, give full play to the advantages of independent intellectual property rights, promote technological innovation, enhance the company's core competitiveness.
After years of efforts, the company has a number of patent reserves, these patents for the future development of the company accumulated power forward, to further enhance the technological content of products, enhance product stability, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, providing strong technical support for the sustainable development of the company. In the future, our company will deepen the patent layout of the core technology, continue to adhere to the road of technological innovation, application innovation, service innovation, for the promotion and application of new wind tower support structure to make more contributions.


        Guodian Hebei Kangbao Wu Fu Tang project replaceable bolt assembly on-site installation and acceptance

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