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Symposium on tower research and development
The evening of March 2nd, the tower company R & D special meeting was held in Jiangsu Jinhai two floor conference room. The meeting was chaired by the general manager Yang, deputy general manager of the company Shen Weiming, Shi Hui, attended the meeting in. Conference on the development of the company in Funing in the low wind speed prestressed concrete tower experimental prototype, concrete formwork and component processing and other matters were discussed and discussed.
At the meeting, R & D management center Zhang Mingyi on the recent research and development of concrete tower summary and technical audit report. The template and the prefabricated cylinder section research and development group, the concrete tower field construction project team has carried on the detailed report to each key work.
At the end of the meeting, Yang Zhou stressed the total low wind speed zone of prestressed concrete tower of the importance of R & D, R & D management center to do the detailed division of labor, all researchers pay attention to their duties, in accordance with the requirements of the time node will determine the time to complete the task.
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